Guide to deductions in the Balearic Islands

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Taking advantage of deductions continues to be the main weapon of taxpayers to pay less to
the Treasury together with good tax planning of their investments.

Those who have had their habitual residence in the Balearic Islands last year can also apply
for a large number of regional deductions:

  • For certain investments to improve sustainability in the habitual residence.
  • For leasing of the habitual residence in the territory of the Balearic Islands in favor of
    certain groups.
  • For certain subsidies and aid granted by reason of a declaration of an area seriously
    affected by a civil protection emergency.
  • For the cost of purchasing textbooks.
  • For extracurricular learning expenses of foreign languages.
  • To pursue higher education studies outside the island of habitual residence.
  • For the lease of real estate in the territory of the Balearic Islands intended for housing
    (lessor’s deduction).
  • For rental of housing in the territory of the Balearic Islands derived from the
    temporary transfer of residence for work reasons.
  • For donations to certain entities for research, scientific or technological development,
    or innovation.
  • For donations, assignments of use or loan contracts and business collaboration
    agreements, related to cultural, scientific and technological development patronage
    and cultural consumption.
  • For donations, transfers of use or loan contracts and collaboration agreements,
    related to sports patronage.
  • For donations to certain entities whose purpose is to promote the Catalan language.
  • For donations to third sector entities.
  • For declarants with physical, mental or sensory disabilities or with descendants with
    this condition.
  • For expenses related to descendants or foster children under 6 years of age for
    conciliation reasons.
  • For investment in the acquisition of shares or social participations of new or recently
    created entities.

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