Rules for UK vehicles in Spain are changing at the end of September

British drivers in Spain will need to put new stickers on their cars from September 28


UK motorists in Spain have been caught off guard by a sudden change of regulations which will make the standard GB number plate and stickers obsolete. A change in the law for British cars in Spain will come into effect on Tuesday September 28 2021, which means they will have to display a UK sticker instead.

Until now Brits have needed to display a GB sticker clearly on the rear of their vehicles no matter what is on their licence plate, whether a Union Jack or a Euro symbol or whatever, and these rules will stay the same up until September 27.

On and after September 28 2021, Brits driving a UK car in Spain will need to display a UK sticker clearly on the rear of the vehicle no matter what is on the number plate.

The changes come at the same time as a raft of new regulations come into force for UK citizens in Spain as a result of Brexit, including changes in passport validity for Brits travelling to Spain.

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