Golden visa

golden visa

As can be assumed, all residence permits in Spain require a constant residence in the country for more than 183 days, i.e. 6 months per year.

Therefore, if this condition is not met, when the term of the residence expires, its renewal will be refused. It is also important to note that if you stay more than 181 days in our country, you automatically become a tax
resident. And this is something that cannot be avoided. However, there is a way to have a more flexible residency, without the needed to be a tax resident in Spain. The Golden Visa.

With the Golden Visa, you and your family members will not be required to stay in the country for a specific number of days and you will also obtain a Schengen area,visa with which you can move freely within the Schengen area.

What is required to obtain this visa? This is the visa for «large investors».

Capital Investors RIC

The initial investment that is worth 2 million or more in Spanish public debt securities or a value equal to or greater than 1 million euros in shares or stakes of Spanish companies or deposits Banks in Spanish financial institutions.

Acquisition of Real Estate RIV

Acquisition of any property worth €500,000 or more. It can be of any type: home, land, business or a combination of all of them.

Entrepreneurs and Business Activity REM

Any entrepreneurship project that can be considered to be in the public interest of the country.

Training or Research RIN

For people who want to carry out training, research, development, and innovation activities in public or private entities


In order to access the visa for entrepreneurs, a series of requirements must be

  • Not be found irregularly on Spanish soil.
  • Being over 18 years.
  • Do not have a criminal record in Spain or in the countries where you have resided in the last 5 years, for crimes that are registered within the Spanish legal system.
  • Do not appear as objectionable in the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in this regard.
  • Have public insurance or private health insurance arranged with an insurer authorized to operate in Spain.
  • Have sufficient financial resources for yourself and your family members during the period in which they will reside in Spain (this will be € 2,130 for the person applying for the visa and € 532 for each family member at your charge).
  • Pay the visa processing fee.

It is important to emphasize that when applying for a residence visa for oneself also extends the possibility of the visa for the spouse and for children under 18 years or that these children are adults and they are not able to
provide for their own needs due to their state of health.

This will be so, as long as they accompany those who are going to apply for the visa. In these cases in which the applicant is accompanied, these persons to whom the visa application is extended may also apply for a family residence visa, provided that it is proven that the requirements indicated above have been fulfilled.

What happens if I do not meet the requirements?

If you want to move to Spain but do not meet the requirements to apply for the Golden Visa you will be interested in our article on the types of residency.

We also have an article on the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number).

If you have any doubts, ask for an appointment for advice.

Or fill in our form and we will contact you.

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