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Spain is the second European country with the second highest number of offers. In Spain and in the rest of the world, the circumstances that have been experienced have led to remote work becoming an alternative for many Spaniards, who benefit from a contract with a foreign company.

According to various reports, such as Deel’s Global Report on International Recruitment, for example, this alternative, which two years ago was barely residual in Spain, is now growing steadily. So much so that the number of remote contracts places Spain almost at the head of Europe. The order is as follows:

  1. United Kingdom.
  2. Spain.
  3. France.



Most Spaniards who work remotely are employed by US companies, a professional relationship that has increased by 135% in the last year. However, another country that is very much in favour of Spanish talent is Canada, which has seen the greatest increase in the demand for Spaniards to work remotely in the last year, with a 319.8% increase.


Looking further, if we pay attention to the cities in which these professionals work, Madrid is the preferred city for companies, representing 44.8% of the workers hired remotely by international organisations. The most requested jobs are sales managers, software engineers and statisticians, aged between 25 and 34 years old.

On the other hand, Spanish companies in the last year have increased the demand for workers with the same mother tongue. In other words, we can see how the recruitment of remote workers from Colombia has increased by 326.5% compared to the previous year. And in second place, workers of Argentinean nationality, with 180.3%.


Remote work beyond Spain’s borders

In recent years, the world has been hit by large waves of layoffs and widespread salary reductions, which has led to the development and pursuit of remote work or telecommuting, both in Spain and across borders. According to the data in the Deel report, 89% of the contracts made at international level were for remote workers.


It is not only the technology sector, but also the education, financial services and real estate sectors that have been affected by this type of contracting.

In short, remote working is becoming a resilient global category and is becoming the preferred option for many companies. And, Spanish workers are undoubtedly a talent in high demand in the rest of the world.

Remote work in Spain for foreigners

If you are not a Spanish resident but you wish to work remotely for a foreign company in Spain, you should not miss our article on the Nomad Visa and telework residence.


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