Advantages of being an spanish PYME (SME)


PYME (in english SME) is the acronym for «Pequeña y Mediana Empresa (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises).
In Spain, a company is considered to be an PYME when

  • It has less than 50 employees
  • Whose annual turnover or annual balance sheet total does not exceed 10 million euros.

Small and medium-sized companies are independent entities, with a high predominance in the commercial market, and play an important role in the economy of all countries.
In Spain they account for 99.8% of companies.

To give you an idea, in 2021, according to the spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, in our country, there were 2,884,713 companies, of which 2,879,948 were PYMEs.

We know the different disadvantages that PYMEs suffer with respect to large companies, such as the difficulties in obtaining external financing or the higher costs to suppliers because they cannot buy the same volume as a large company.

But today, June 27, International SME Day, we would like to emphasize the advantages that have to be a PYME and that not everyone takes into account.

What advantages does a PYME have over a large company?


We believe that the greatest advantage of a PYME is the nearness it is able to create with its customers. Nowadays, due to technological development, large companies usually have answering machines or electronic offices where they can make appointments, which means that the client-company relationship is increasingly being lost. In an PYME the relationship with customers is more direct, allowing a special and individualized treatment to each customer.


Due to their size and simpler structure, they will have a greater capacity to adapt to changes. In addition, the proximity we have mentioned, will allow them to be aware of changes in the market before anyone else. For example, they will have a greater capacity to reduce their supply at times when there is not the usual demand.

Ease of detecting small market niches.

Because of its proximity to its customers and its flexibility, it will be much easier for a PYME to detect needs and find ways to satisfy them.

Ease of decision-making

Normally in a PYME the decision-making capacity is held by one person or a small group, that is why it will be much easier and faster to make decisions compared to a large company, which will require the authorization of many more people.

Personnel-company bond

In a large company the work of each employee is usually very specialized, while in a PYME the work is usually more comprehensive. This makes the employee connect with the company and its objectives, so that he/she is motivated to achieve them. Having committed workers is the best asset a company can have.

Bond between personnel

In a small or medium-sized company it will be much easier to develop working relationships among employees, since in most cases everyone knows each other and the atmosphere tends to be more familiar. This can be very useful when it comes to teamwork.


Finally, communication, as in everything else, is a fundamental pillar. The link between the personnel will facilitate the internal communication of the company notably. A good internal communication will allow us to solve problems much faster.

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