Rental aid

rental aid

Today, 15 November, the call for rental subsidies for 2022 opens. The total budget for this aid will be 8.7 million euros. This aid aims to facilitate access to housing and is intended for economically vulnerable people.

The application period for this aid is from today, 15 November to 15 December through the website

In order to access this aid, a series of requirements must be met, which, after the application, must be justified by submitting documents that reflect the fulfilment of these requirements.

Application requirements

-The property must be in the Balearic Islands.

-It must be the habitual residence

-The contract must be for a maximum of 900€ and must be presented in writing.

-The applicant must be the owner of the rental property.

-No debts with the tenant of the property.

-Payments must be made through the bank.

-No incompatibilities to receive subsidies.

-Not owning a home (Except for inheritance and/or not having the property for justified reasons)

-Not being a partner or direct family of the owner

-Meet the maximum income requirements.

Maximum income

The main requirement is that the applicant must have a maximum income to be eligible. The maximum income in the general case is 24,318 euros per year. In the case of large families, people with disabilities or victims of terrorism, the maximum income is 32,425 euros per year. In the case of special large families or those with members with a disability of 33% or more, it will be increased to 40,531 euros.


The payment of this aid will be 50% of the agreed amount of the rent and a maximum of €3,000 per year per property is established.

If you have any questions about this rental subsidy, you can leave a comment.

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